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Address: 7 Gambas Crescent
#02-21 Ark@Gambas
Singapore 757087

Contact: +65 8858 1288

Email: enquire@pgstoragesystems.com

Website: https://www.pgstorage.com.sg/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pgstoragesystems


From Shelters to Storage Marvels

When we think of home storage, we think of our home shelter, or what is generally referred to as “storeroom” among local Singaporeans. Who would have imagined that a shelving business based on building racking systems for “storerooms” would grown into a storage expert that build wonders?

Being a relatively new player in the storage business did not deter PG Storage Systems from their aggressive growth over the past 3 years. Founded by young entrepreneurs, Priscillia and partners have gradually grown from being just a home racking system provider to a specialised storage system expert in providing for both commercial and residential use.

Based on strong customer service, wide range of materials and selections, plus an emphasis in quality assurance and quick turnaround time have earned PG Storage Systems a place in the storage industry. With good reviews and satisfied customers, new client referrals as well as social media marketing success have garnered them with a steady pool of customers to aid their expansion with a bigger workforce and new warehouse within just a couple of months. Nothing short of “fast and furious”!

A strong reliance on R&D with new products launched every quarter, Priscillia and partners believe that their hard work, persistency and self-sacrifice are all part of their success factors which would be essential for all aspiring entrepreneurs. As they strive towards their ultimate success of being a recognised brand name when it comes to storage system, one can’t help but to acclaim how shelters were built into storage marvels by Priscillia and team!