JS Spa


Address: 33 Upper East Coast Road
Singapore 455293

Contact: +65 6242 4555



Beating the competition with legit massages


Many of us are likely familiar with the famous scene of Leonardo DiCaprio wandering about on Khao San Road, Bangkok’s famous massage and hostel district. When it comes to massages, whether or not has experienced it in the past, we’ve probably been just as lost as Leo at least once. The balance between authenticity, quality, price and accessibility is often difficult to achieve. At JS Spa, the focus is to work towards achieving this balance, while offering the best service possible to their customers.

Open for 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, JS Spa is one of those rarities which makes service highly accessible while staying 100% legitimate. As the salon specializes in offering authentic Thai massages, owners Jason and Jayme hired almost all of the salon’s masseuse from Thailand, who all came with previous experience. While employed, all employees go through training or attend certification programs as per government regulations and laws.

Owners Jason and Jayme have about 6 to 7 years of experience in the industry. They see the market’s need for authentic massage parlours whose quality can be trusted. Coupled with their own interest in this particular service industry, the two established JS Salon almost two years ago.

When asked about the challenges of running a massage salon, “competition” and “manpower” were the immediate answers. The Asian clientele’s love for massages meant that there could be numerous competitors within the same block. Human resources, on the other hand, was a main challenge during the early phase of their business. Due to their strong adherence to providing certified massage service, some of the employees left as they were not making the extra money they hope to make.

While the nature of the service is not unique, the two owners work very hard to make a difference in their work on a daily basis. Their customers’ needs come first and foremost, but Jason and Jayme really marvel in the moment when their employees are happy. “I am happy when I see how happy my employees are when they get their salary,” says Jason. Their only requirement to the team is to have everyone fulfil the best of their role.

Like all other entrepreneurs we’ve talked to, time was the one major sacrifice the owners have to make in running their own business, in particular due to the salon’s 24/7 schedule. When asked to offer advice to young entrepreneurs, they immediately said that young people should get in on the game “while they’re still young”.

Starting up a business is an intense process where making all kinds of material sacrifices is a recurring theme. The owners advised youngsters to do what they know best, and not jump into a field simply because it looks lucrative.

Perhaps the best way to describe the owners’ work ethics lie in their response to what they believe to be the definition of success: an insatiable desire to outperform themselves. “Are we successful enough? I can’t say we are. But we do try our best,” says the owners.