Groomers Lab


Address: 25 Kaki Bukit Road 4
Synergy @ KB #07-56
Singapore 417800

Contact: +65 6610 0118



An uncompromising Detailing services: “No cars leave until perfect. No excuses”

Singapore is the most expensive country in the world to own a car. Due to high taxes that at minimum double the market price and mandatory certificates of entitlement that cost in the tens of thousands of dollars, only 15% of Singapore’s residents own cars. It goes without saying that the lucky few who do own automobiles will go out of their way to take good care of them.

The amplified appreciation Singaporean car owners feel for their automobiles is what led to the success of Groomers Lab, an auto detailing company on Kaki Bukit Road. No matter the model, Groomers Lab makes a promise to every customer: “No Cars will leave the Lab in an imperfect Condition.” The team only works on one car at a time from start to finish, using top quality tools and products on every set of wheels that enters the garage. With a five-star rating on Facebook, the company certainly delivers. 90% of Groomers Lab customers come through referrals, says founder Rendall Chee.

Groomers Lab cleans, restores, and protects everything from daily rides to vintage classics and exotic supercars. The shop offers a one-stop solution for vehicle exteriors, interiors, and even the engine bay. The emphasis on interior, which many detail shops neglect, is a major part of what sets Groomers Lab apart from the competition. The inside of each car is thoroughly cleaned, restored, and sprayed with an anti-bacterial solution.

Groomers Lab wasn’t an instant success. Rendall left his high-paying job as a director of business development at a hotel to pursue his entrepreneurial dream in 2013. The first six months were difficult, he says, and the company barely made a cent. He endured resistance from his family for giving up his steady, high-earning career. But Rendall, a car owner himself, dug into his savings to pursue his passion and keep his dream alive.

Now the company is on a track to expansion. Rendall says he wants to open more locations around Singapore and is even laying the groundwork for expansion in Asia region by the end of the year. The main outlet will become a training center for new employees who will engage in a month of hands-on training before they can work unsupervised.

Rendall wants Groomers Lab to be known for its customer service. He focuses on working hand-in-hand with customers, being transparent about his rate structure, and an uncompromising pursuit of perfection. This customer-centric approach ultimately delivers an experience that “none others can.” At the same time, Rendall makes sure to never over-promise and under-deliver.

He believes success is determined by his customers rather than by his own judgment. Rendall advises other budding entrepreneurs to stop giving excuses and focus on before- and after-sales service. He gets no greater satisfaction, he says, than when a car enters in a poor condition, transforms back to showroom condition, and seeing the glow on the customer’s face when the job is done.