A.J Hair Studio


Address: Blk 186 Toa Payoh Central
#01-422/ 428 Singapore 310186

Contact: +65 6356 8241 (unit 01-422)/ 6221 2293 (unit 01-428)


A heartland’s best kept secret

One would be surprised to hear that the founder of A.J Hair Studio, Mr. Low, does not dabble in the art of hairdressing himself. Unlike the case for most bosses, the hair salon was started in 2009 to encourage his partner’s pursuit of a budding interest. Today, the 6-year old business sits in 186 Toa Payoh Central, with a second branch in the works just a stone’s throw away.

Situated in the heart of Singapore’s oldest neighbourhood, A.J Hair Studio shares its home with landmarks like the heartland’s public library and swimming pool. While it has its prime location to thank for the high human traffic, this is accompanied by inflated rental costs and disruptive construction works in the vicinity. Littered along the same stretch of beauticians are many of A.J’s competitors, but business continues to be brisk in spite of these odds.

A.J Hair Studio prides itself on the provision of quality – the very thing which helps them stand out within the cluster. The salon’s range of products are imported from America, Japan, and European countries like Italy etc, whom Mr. Low regards to be high-quality sources. This stringent selection, along with a dedication to professional care and affordable prices, form the full package that clients can expect from the salon.

Rental and salary expenses are 2 perennial challenges that plague every beautician in the market, and Mr. Low cites this as the reason why most businesses can only sustain and not expand. Most of A.J Hair Studio’s staff are youngsters, who are known to be a tough bunch to retain in this industry. To combat this, the business is actively developed to attract a steady stream of clients, which in turn motivates his staff whose incomes are largely commission-based.

To keep up with the times and changing consumer preferences, hairdressers of A.J Hair Studio have their skills upgraded regularly. While some bosses are reluctant to send their staff out for training, Mr. Low recognizes the importance of improvement. To minimize the opportunity costs involved, he arranges for such sessions to be held at the salon itself. These professionals would train the stylists in novel technologies, and keep them updated of new products in the market.

The operating hours on the store’s entrance state 10.30am to 8.30pm, but as most business owners would know, it is hardly the case in reality. At A.J Hair Studio, some sessions take longer than expected, and customers would make spontaneous walk-ins for last minute appointments. Either way, the salon duly obliges with open arms, hard work, and a great deal of overtime. Their diligence has paid off in the form of an upcoming expansion in late 2016, which will afford both the hairdressers and clients greater comfort and space.