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Conveniently tucked in a bustling wet market in the heartlands, Youji Poultry started off in year 2017 by a youthful founder with much hands-on experience and dedication. While most youngsters may not want to venture into the wet market industry, founder Ms Sammi saw the opportunity in offering not just the usual poultries commonly found in most wet market, but also exceptionally fresh, hormone and antibiotic free chickens (also known as An Xin Chickens) that are increasingly becoming popular among the younger generation of Singaporeans.

Stressing on the quality and freshness of raw poultries, Ms Sammi conducts quality check on the chickens that are delivered to her stall before operation every morning. The various types of poultries that you may find are namely Ducks, Hens, Broilers (Meat Chicken), Silkie Chicken (Black Chicken) and GG French Poulet Chickens (An Xin Chicken).

An Xin Chickens are well known for being the optimum choice of poultry as they are organic and free from antibiotics/ hormones. The chickens are reared in a clean, airy, and spacious environment that allowed them to roam freely in spacious pens with plenty of natural light and elevated perches.

The chickens are given distilled water and fed through an automated feeder, which provides a special formulated diet of corn, soy, vitamins, organic selenium, orgacids, origadia and glucosamine. Most importantly, no growth promoters are administered to the chickens.

As such, the unique differences between An Xin Chicken and the commercial white Broilers are reduced amount of stench from raw meat, the tenderness of the texture when cooked and of course most essentially, the healthier choice of poultry.

Being the exclusive few that are selling An Xin Chickens in the wet markets in Singapore, Youji Poultry takes great pride in ensuring the chickens sold are in the freshest condition. All the An Xin Chickens are tagged with a ring label to differentiate between the other poultries. Focused on providing the best service to their consumers, Youji Poultry also cater to individual needs such as deboning, re-packaging and home-delivery etc.

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