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Staying Ahead By Building Trust


Despite changing times and advancement in technology, Feng Shui remains a household name to the larger Chinese society across the world. An ancient Chinese philosophical school of thought which focuses on achieving a harmonious balance between men and nature, this is a practice closely linked to Taoism.

Interestingly, one’s interest in Feng Shui is often sparked by events or people near us, and this was the case for Master Aaron, head Master of Wu Xian Tan, a Feng Shui consultancy based in Singapore.

The world of Feng Shui revealed itself to Master Aaron when he was in his early teens, as his neighbour was a master of geomancy. Highly intrigued in this form of art and practice, Master Aaron left to pursue his studies and left his master to open up his own Feng Shui consultancy in his twenties.

Today, Master Aaron is a celebrated Feng Shui master, with clients all across the world. From Thailand to the United States, Master Aaron travels outside of Singapore at least once a month and endeavours to bring peace, tranquillity and spiritual guidance to his clients.

When asked about the main challenges of his work, Master Aaron concludes that different issues arose throughout the span of his career. He was a one-man band when he first started out. From finding clients, creating his own brand to the actual delivery of service, Master Aaron had little time for anything else. A lot of family time had to be sacrificed in exchange for the growth of his business.

As time passes, a new challenge lies in building relationships with a new generation of clients, who—amid changes in technology and consequent widespread of a variety of information—often have a different interpretation of what Feng Shui is and can do for them. Master Aaron’s strong focus on building “trust” in his clients has been part and parcel to his facing these challenges head-on.

As an industry whose business success goes against economic tides, Wu Xian Tan’s vision remains unwavered despite witnessing ups and downs in the greater economic landscape. While business is booming as of present due to more clients wishing to change their luck in the dreary economy, Master Aaron believes that his customers’ eventual success and positive changes are demonstrative of his own success. Offering his full attention and being 100% diligent in resolving his clients’ concerns remain at the top of his priority list.

When asked about his definition of success and advice to young business owners, Master Aaron concludes that “going with the flow” is the answer to both questions. Wu Xian Tan has operated on the principle of helping others become successful and at peace with themselves. To listen, identify challenges and offering solutions have defined his business success.

Despite their simplicity, these acts are important to any line of business. While different Feng Shui masters might approach the practice very differently, their objective is universal, which is to help their clients. Master Aaron believes that same drive and willingness to offer solutions to others, as well as building relationships on trust will equate to success and ultimately a sense of fulfilment for every business owner.