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How differentiation proved to be the key to getting ahead

When Mr. Muthiah and Mr. Ramesh first considered starting a business in the crowded IT accessories scene, they knew the key to survival lay in providing customers something unique; something they would be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

That’s why when they started Worldwide Computer Services, they eschewed the traditional path of being mere resellers. Instead, they focused their efforts on creating their own brand of IT accessories, manufactured to complement the major technology brands out in the market, by employing teams in India and Taiwan to write the programs required for their products, and manufacture the requisite hardware.

In doing so, they’ve not only been able to maintain a high standard of quality for their products but, in cutting out the middleman, they’ve also been able to keep the costs of their products low as well.

The duo aren’t, however, content to simply rest on their laurels. Muthiah and Ramesh work hard to keep a pulse on new developments in IT, so that they’re always able to offer their customers the latest and greatest in the ever-evolving technology scene.

“Every 2 to 3 months, new products are introduced by brands like Samsung and Apple. And we’ve got to keep up and change our products accordingly!” Muthiah explains.

One of the biggest threats to their business, Mr. Ramesh admits, is the rise of cheap accessories made in China that are now widely available for sale on the Internet. Unfortunately, despite these products being of inferior quality (something customers aren’t able to discern from just looking at pictures on the websites) they still eat away at Worldwide Computer Services’ bottom line.

Nevertheless, Mr. Muthiah and Mr. Ramesh have fortunately been able to rely on their loyal base of regular customers to help keep that bottom line on the healthy side. And when you delve into the philosophy that the duo run their store by, it’s rather unsurprising that they’ve been able to amass such a faithful following: they see themselves first as educators, and only after that, as salespeople.

“Whether they buy or not, we try to explain as much as we can about the product, and what technology is out there. We like to explain everything to (our customers) properly. If they’re happy, then they buy the product. And that makes us happy,” says Mr. Muthiah.

To young entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses, the pair have just two pieces of advice: first, make sure that you’re providing customers with something unique; don’t just do the same thing that everyone else is doing. Second, be honest in your dealings. Keep your prices reasonable, and maintain high standards for quality as well because you can’t sustain a business in the long run if you’re not treating your customers right.