Address: 163 Ubi Ave 4
#02-00 Pan Malayan Warehouse
Singapore 408785

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Thinktrek Logistics Pte Ltd


When you’ve worked in the same industry for over 10 years, you naturally become an expert in the business. For Mr. Liao Jincai and Mr. Steven – logistic veterans who were colleagues previously – it made sense for them to come out to set up Thinktrek Logistics Pte Ltd together in August 2014.

“We’ve been doing this for over 10 years and we have been working for other companies in the same industry previously,” they said.

Despite this, being a worker and a business owner proved to be two different matters altogether. At the start, the duo faced a lot of friction financially, and “in finding skilled workers.” This was because of the skills required – it is not a field many Singaporeans are interested to join.

“What we do is more of warehousing, wooden case fabrication, customization of wooden boxes for export purposes, lifting operations,” they explained. “For example, we will create crates for customers to export machines overseas.”

As a result, they had to work doubly hard to nurture the talent they required. “Late last year, we decided that we will bring in fresh people and train them, rather than just getting old-timers,” they said. “So far, it has worked out pretty well, all our guys are still here.”

As the bosses, they have also had to sacrifice both time and money to get the business off the ground and running. “Most of the time, we work from early morning till late night,” they revealed. “Even though we operate for 5.5 days, if there are too many jobs, we will work overtime as well.”

This attitude is extremely necessary, given the expectations of the industry that they are in, where “time is crucial for our clients.” “When there are enquiries, our response is quicker than other companies,” they said. “Usually within the same day, we will get back to them.”

Looking back from the time that they operated from a 200 square feet office, Mr. Liao Jincai and Mr. Steven are extremely satisfied with where they are right now. Yet, they still believe that there is a long way to go. Mr. Steven, in particular, hopes to find success within two years.

Throughout this time, one thing that they refuse to compromise on is safety. “We are very safety conscious, because we deal with a lot of heavy movement,” they explained. “We practice a lot of safety drills, and encourage our staff to watch out for their safety at all times.”

With that, their main advice to young entrepreneurs is to take things one step at a time. “Don’t be over-ambitious and make sure you have the right foundation, given your industry of choice.”