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Building Singapore’s Food and Climate Resilience

SGP Foods aims to help Singapore meet her climate change goals through the development of proprietary technologies and processes. Through our carbon crediting, verticulture, and energy efficiency solutions, we put Singapore in place to be a leader in the fight against climate change. We combat climate change by engaging the 3 ‘P’s – the public sector, the private sector, and the people. This is a multi-pronged approach involving technology, research, and education.

We take pride in our proprietary and patented technologies. The fact that we invent and create our own technologies speaks volumes about the level of customisation and optimisation we are able to provide our business with. We also take a highly scientific approach towards all our processes. These ensure that we are constantly at the forefront of innovation.

Allied Fibres Program – The Crop for the Future

Allied Fibres Program is a multi-year project where the main objective would be for SGP Foods to become a major supplier of allied fibre products worldwide. The allied fibre crop contains a multitude of uses ranging from being a food crop, cosmetics ingredient and building materials. In addition to having a large variety of uses, the allied fibre crop is extremely sustainable and environmentally friendly, with efficient land usage and low waste production.

Carbon Crediting – Mitigating Climate Change

We generate our own carbon credits through our Allied Fibres Program – which we will put up for sale as well, for companies and governments keen on meeting their emissions targets.

VertiStacks – Redefining farming technologies.

SGP Foods’ VertiStacks is a solution that enables vertical farming of food crops via IoT technology. VertiStacks comprises of a system that is equipped with physical cultivation apparatuses embedded with digital toolsets that assist with the cultivation process.


BEHIND SGP FOODS SUPPORT OF OUR FOOD SECURITY – Praised for her active role in promoting sustainability in Singapore, Founder Pek Yun Ning is the mind behind SGP Foods Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based company involved inseparably in our evolution of food security.

SGP Foods Pte Ltd prioritizes environmental friendliness through economic sustainability. They innovate technology, groom talents, and utilize available resources with efficacy. With a self-sustaining structure, they ensure consistent success and balance in their business model, along with a streamlined decision-making process.