Preztigez Asia Pte Ltd


Address: 71 Ubi Road 1
#08-40 Oxley Bizhub

Contact: +65 6386 7687



From Drive-Home Service to World-Class Hotel Valets

Preztigez Asia Pte Ltd has started 6 years ago along with friends who have backgrounds in limousine and valet services, Little did they expect a year later, this specialisation would start blossoming into a full-fledged business.

Today, Preztigez Asia Pte Ltd is holistic enough to cover the bases of individuals and companies. They provide not only drive-home, limousine and valet services, but also staffing solutions for corporations who practise outsourcing. With an impressive portfolio under their belt will prove the testament to their professional reputation and diverse clientele.

With long years spent in the private transportation and hotel industry respectively, the team at Preztigez Asia have become just as adept at sharing business insights as they are at supplying manpower. Whether it is consultation, operations planning or reports, their passion far exceeds their clients’ expectations. It is this generosity that allows Preztigez Asia to build strong working relationships that surpass those of transactional natures.

Their founders’ wealth of experience may have given the business a competitive edge in this niche industry, but recruitment remains a troubling aspect of operations as this is not being shifted quickly enough to match the spiking demand. It is not hard to find a driver with a license, but Drivers who are both well-groomed and trained in the service industry are not dime a dozen.

Having spent enough time on the ground to understand the drivers’ frustrations, their empathy goes a long way in safeguarding their employees’ welfare, be it a change of uniform or a longer meal break and upgrading skill set will make them more employable in the market.

Most people imagine that bosses have it better than regular workers, but in reality, it is quite the contrary. By means of last-minute hiccups and nights that end as late as 3am, they strive to understand every part of the workflow to optimise processes. The past 6 years have proven to be both time-consuming and mentally draining, but even more rewarding as Preztigez Asia grew from two to three projects to twenty a month – even when the economy was not at its peachiest.

To say their roles demand a great deal of patience would be an understatement. Lydia and Kelvin, management of Preztigez Asia advice fresh graduates and young entrepreneurs to build a sturdy foundation and a collaborative spirit with their competitors. Most importantly, the duo believes humility to be a timeless virtue. In their words, striving to be ahead of the competition and thinking ahead of it makes a world of difference.