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Singapore 737853

Contact: +65 6909 0226

Email: polygonworkspaceinterior@gmail.com

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Polygon Workspace Interior

Beginning from a place of love for designing his own house, Mr. A. Z. took a bold step to move from being a technician to the interior design industry, more than 20 years ago. After working as a designer and then manager, he decided to start his very own company – Polygon Workspace interior.

This even bolder leap was spurred only because his customers believed in him and encouraged him to do so. Mr. A.Z explains, “one customer told me that I am good in design and in the service line, and he asked why don’t I open my own company?” Despite the lack of financial capital at that time, he held on to that thought and on hindsight now, he says “thank God, I managed to make it.”

As Polygon Workspace Interior enters the industry, Mr. A.Z’s charm with customers lingers still. Apart from attracting customers through their Facebook page, bulk of their customers come through referrals. For example, one of their clients who owns a cracker business recommended her customers to Polygon Workspace Interior. “Usually I don’t tell my customers to recommend us,” he clarifies, “I tell them to look at our workmanship and our service first, based on their completed home, before recommending us.”

Such confidence in their work also stems from his emphasis on quality service and timing to his employees, ensuring that they deliver what they promise. “I always tell my sales people that you have to be punctual – you wait for customers, not customers wait for you,” he elaborates. This has paid off not only in the planning and designing phase, but the execution of the work as well, he adds, “I just got one compliment from a customer, saying that our tiling workers did a very neat and tidy job.” Appreciations and praises like these from customers are little wins that build towards Polygon Workspace Interior’s greater success.

Yet, no company is without its own set of challenges. For Polygon Workspace Interior, it would be dealing with commercial projects. “The processing time is long, at least 6 to 8 months,” says Mr. A.Z. Although they managed to secure an interior design project for a mosque previously, amidst much competition and difficulty in getting approval, Mr. A.Z maintains that he would rather take on residential work.

In order to build and preserve the trust they have with their customers, Mr. A.Z recognises that offering attention to customers, regardless of the season or timing, is necessary. “We sacrifice our time for customers, serving them our public holidays, weekends, and nights,” he expresses. “There was once we met a customer at 10pm, chose materials, and looked around at the showroom until 1am.”

On the flip side, this means that family time over the years has reduced. Mr. A.Z confesses that his children did ask him why they are going on holidays together lesser these days. Rationalising with them the need for him to work hard for the family, he would jokingly mention, “I can make their room look nice so that they would feel like they are on a holiday.” On a serious note, Mr. A.Z is heartened that his family do understand and support him in his career. Relatedly, one of his daughters has also followed in his footsteps, and is currently studying interior design.

With the interior design trade being predominantly a service line, Mr. A.Z advises aspiring entrepreneurs in this area not to lose their temper. Speaking from experience, he says “young people should control their temper and emotions when dealing with clients. Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory! Customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business!”