Ng Wei Loong Asia Geomancy Centre


Address: 5 Soon Lee Street
#04-38/39 Singapore 627607

Contact: +65 6560 0053


Singapore’s acclaimed pioneer since the 1980s

At a time even before Google and Yahoo, Master Ng Wei Loong was the first geomancer to make the national papers in 1987. He was in his twenties then, when the geomancy landscape in Singapore knew only 3 names.

Today, Ng Wei Loong Asia Geomancy Centre has catapulted itself into the realm of household names amidst rising competition. The powerhouse has accrued 40 years of experience under his belt, compounded onto a longstanding family history in traditional Chinese medicine and fortune telling.

The 68-year-old’s guiding philosophy has stood the test of changing times and new-age rivals. Contrary to popular belief, Master Ng Wei Loong emphasizes that Feng Shui is not a tool for financial windfalls. Decades of practice have given him confidence to forwardly contest such promises within the industry, making him quite a character when addressing younger geomancers on the press. In his books, Feng Shui should only aim to achieve harmony, health and balance, allowing personal and professional lives to enjoy abundant opportunities.

The man believes the 3 determinants of destiny to be facial features, bone structure and temperament. He likens a fortune teller’s usage of birth characters to an engineer’s modification of a Toyota. Turbocharge a car and it runs at the speed you desire. Steer a man’s career to the right direction and he becomes more powerful in life.

His core pillars of fortune telling are ethics, wisdom and discernment towards greed. In the business of divination, these are values that do not depreciate over time.

Master Ng thrives almost solely on word-of-mouth marketing in an industry that is rife with advertisements. One positive review at a time, he expanded to the rest of Asia, Australia and even Europe. Before 3000 pairs of eyes in Kuala Lumpur, he performed accurate readings for seminar participants without their birth characters. The city applauded and his presence in Malaysia quickly became distinguished.

Ng Wei Loong Asia Geomancy Centre’s extensive clientele is a testament to his credibility, with high profile individuals like government officials, celebrities and esteemed businessmen placing their trust in his consultancy services. Its Facebook page is filled with testimonials by clients in the fields of construction, property and finance. Master Ng’s advice tided them over work-related challenges as well as strains on personal relationships. Through the aversion of crises, longstanding relationships were forged and they became recurring clients.

Real gold withstands the trials of fire. This is the Chinese proverb behind Master Ng’s bold disclaimer that clients will only be charged if the reading proves to be accurate.

Ng Wei Loong Asia Geomancy Centre offers consultancy to people from all walks of life. Whether exploring potential investment opportunities, reconfiguring an apartment’s floor plan, or contemplating a career switch, direction can be sought in the commercial, residential and individual sessions respectively.