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Companies that originate with a grounded approach and a social purpose may rarely come by these days, but companies like Merrylife (S) Pte Ltd help reignite the flame. Founded by Mr. Tommy Neo in 2015, Merrylife began because their professor discovered a beneficial bacterium that could help control or might even reverse aging health issues. With the mission of improving the health of the masses, a head office is set up in Singapore, alongside a factory and a laboratory in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

As a leader in the health and lifestyle industry, Merrylife specializes in high-quality reverse-aging research and development, to produce both skin care and health food products. Today, their products are throughout Asia — in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries. Mr. Neo reveals, “this year we have established a production factory in China and Vietnam, which focuses on producing the beneficial bacteria and merry tea, solely for the demand within China and Vietnam market respectively.” Talks with the USA and Europe are also underway, to facilitate further supply & retail expansion. “We spent four years building our reputation and image in Singapore so that clients from overseas will be confident and assured of our product quality when they work with us,” Mr. Neo elaborates.

Apart from supplying their products to distributors and online platforms, Merrylife also supports the logistics, branding, and development of distributors. On the customer side, their professors educate consumers on the importance of health and lifestyle routines as well as the benefits of the MSE bacteria they discovered. Much like the trickle-down effect, as consumers try out Merrylife’s products and witness for themselves the positive impacts on their health, they go on to share testimonials and reviews on Merrylife’s Facebook page, encouraging others to do the same as well. Mr. Neo says, “because our reviews are authentic and are posted by true users themselves, the public gains confidence in our products from there.”

Furthermore, Merrylife emphasizes offering excellent customer care and personal touch, differentiating themselves from other similar businesses. With their threefold assurances to customers – quality, affordability, and practical – customers are happy and willing to get back to try out their products.

Despite the current economic uncertainty, Mr. Neo remains positive about Merrylife’s revenue. He explains, “within the beauty industry, whether or not the economy is doing well, Singaporeans still pursues youthful skins and healthy body state.” These will create sustainable demand for health and beauty products. Moreover, with the low startups for our distributors, many business owners want to work with us to market our Brands,” maintains Mr. Neo.

When asked, what was his most significant sacrifices from starting his own business? Mr. Neo earnestly responds that he had never seen running Merrylife as a sacrifice. Previously, after 13 years of full-time RSAF personnel, he took three years to learn about the industry before leaving the Singapore Armed Forces in 2007. However, it was only until 2012 that he had the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with his business mentor, to build a company from scratch. Mr. Neo conveys, “I do not think it is a sacrifice because it is something I enjoy doing, and I can help people,” adding, “rather than seeing it as a sacrifice, I see it as an opportunity for me to give back to society.”

Similarly, success to Mr. Neo means more than a personal achievement. He puts it in this way, “when I was young I felt that I had succeeded, but there is no purpose and value as people around me are not sharing the same success as I had. Now, my perspective of success is the ability to contribute to another person’s success.”

With such an enthusiastic and benevolent attitude, Mr. Neo’s personality serves as an anchor for his business. His greatest joy in running Merrylife is to established friendships from different countries and to be able to have diversified opportunities with them. Attributing to the friendliness of foreign grounds, Mr. Neo takes pride in the fact that he and his business partners share common goals now and often meet up when he visits their country.

In the same light, Mr. Neo advises that the first most important lesson for the young people is to learn why to connect with empathy first, before connecting your business. He asserts that building human relationships is vital. “When interacting with others, you need to know how to connect with empathy. You must develop your EQ character first.”