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Being young was no problem for these business owners

The owners of interior design agency Interior Doctor Pte Ltd, Mr. Steve Lim and Ms. Lebell Ng, appear to be in their early 20s. However, the expertise they offer makes them as competitive as any other home decor specialist on the market.

The company vows to offer “new-age and trendy” customized residential and office designs to its clientele. The duo started their business venture about 2 years ago, dedicating the first 6 months towards administrative tasks. Prior to starting Interior Doctor, they had years of experience working in start-ups. Neither of the two came from a design background and their young age often presented a challenge. They both persisted, however, knowing that their range of comprehensive and customised services would earn them a place, especially against the non-licensed renovators which populate the local market.

Speaking of competition, the duo is proud to mention that every customer is offered a design that is unique to their own. While future projects may draw inspirations from past designs, no exact emulation ever occurs with any of their designs. The team also dedicates itself to offer a same-day or next-day response to every customer enquiry, as well as following through with their after-sales service.

One of the biggest challenges in their line of work often arises during the renovation process. “5 out of 10 customers will have problems during the renovation process,” says Ms. Ng. “We do our best to solve these challenges creatively, and cater to (customers) from one case to another.”

Unlike many renovators who tend to shy away or ignore some of these challenges, the team of Interior Doctor stresses that they will always stand up to the challenge responsibly. Trust and commitment are two values which they upheld as a team, and are values which they want to give to each and every one of their customers.

In view of the dwindling economic tides, the team has some concerns but remains positive, with expansion being an eventual business objective. For now, they content themselves with solving challenges at work and for their customers, and derive satisfaction from happy house owners upon handing over finished products. The ability to make people happy remains their top priority and source of motivation.

When asked about how they would define success, Ms. Ng’s immediate response was “time.” In the early stage of the business, the two owners often had between 3 to 5 hours of sleep every day. For them, being able to fully delegate tasks to trustworthy colleagues and professional crews will allow them to focus more on other things such as business development.

On that same tangent, Mr. Lim’s recommendation to young entrepreneurs is to not waste time and jump right into the deep end. One has to be ready to sacrifice free time, but the result can be plentiful. “However much you put it, you’ll get it back,” says Mr. Lim. “You have to make it happen.”