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Passion and perseverance can take you far


Some of the biggest companies in the world have humble beginnings. Apple, for example, was started in a garage. This is a concept that Ms Crystal is no doubt familiar with, having started Crystal Home Beauty from her own house.

“We started out from a home, which explains the word home in our name,” she explains. Since then, they’ve moved on and opened two outlets, which offer a variety of beauty services, such as facials, eyelash perming and permanent hair removal. Crystal Home Beauty now also carry products under their own brand name.

Ms Crystal started out in this industry when she was 19 years old. Now 34, she has been running the outlets since 6 years ago, with a strong focus on offering the best service possible and helping customers resolve their facial woes, at the same time regain back their self-confidence.

“We focus on getting results for our customers,” she affirms. “We want to ensure that for the money they spend, they get an even greater return.” Not surprisingly, this is the reason why many of their customers come by referral.

“We have many loyal customers, who help us with referrals,” Ms Crystal adds. “Our longest customer has been with us since we started the outlets 6 years ago. We are deeply grateful for this and we also wanted to thank all our customers who put their upmost trust in us and referring their friends and families to us too.”

Most of their customers come from heartland area, where the outlets are located. Interestingly, 20 to 30 percent of them are males. “It used to be more, but the growth of female clients is much faster,” she says.

Even though their official operating hours are from 11am to 8pm, they always tried to cater to their customers’ availability, even if it is not within their operating hours.

“Customers want to have great service, they can sense our passion and that we truly wanted to help them with their facial problems. Moreover, we do not ‘hard sell’ our packages, we prefer to let our efforts and results speak for itself.” she adds.

On the flipside, this means that Ms Crystal and her team have to work long hours. In fact, she reveals that she has never had a proper rest over the past 6 years, as they want to ensure that customers get the best service.

“The latest I’ve worked till is 1am to 2am,” she recounts. “Some of our customers had busy lifestyles and they wanted people who can match their timings too. We try to do that for them.”

Being able to put a smile on the faces of customers at the end of the day, though the hours are long, is rewarding enough for her to persevere on. “Customers think of you as friends, and even benefactors, because we help them to build their confidence,” Ms Crystal says.

For this reason, she preaches passion and perseverance to anyone who wants to follow in her footsteps. “I feel the reason why I have been able to sacrifice time with my family, and to be able to endure for so long, is because I really enjoy making my customers beautiful and confident,” she says. “I hope that one day, we can achieve a stage where when people think of facial and beauty, they will think of Crystal Home Beauty”