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Bloom Selection


Some of the best businesses are born out of serendipitous moments in life. That was exactly the case for Bloom Selection, a gift shop that sells custom handmade products made by old folks throughout Asia.

“We didn’t start Bloom Selection intentionally,” said Gerald, founder of Bloom Selection. “What happened was that a friend from Japan called me in 2011, in the aftermath of the tsunami, to ask if I would like to go over to do some voluntary work, since I was not doing anything at that time.” Little did Gerald know that such an encounter with the Japanese could change his life altogether.

With the conclusion of his voluntary work, some elderly from the village approached him to thank him and asked if he would like to bring some handmade crafts back to Singapore. That marked the beginning of his venture into helping old folks in Japan. Gerald continues, “Coming here to help them is only one-off, it would be better if I can help them over a longer period of time.”

With such an altruistic mindset, Gerald started out by bringing some key pouches back to Singapore. He realised soon after that there was a demand for them, leading him to expand Bloom Selection’s range of products. “Along the way, many customers requested for purses, bags, and others asked why not I help Singaporeans as well,” he elaborates.

Naturally, such encouragements and ideas from customers led him to take in other handmade products from all over Asia. Today, Bloom Selection also carries crochet toys, quilts, cute wicker baskets, and greeting cards. “Most of our handmade products are made by eldery including Singapore now.” Said Gerald

Most gift items in the market now have a tendency to be very boring and one-dimensional. At Bloom Selection, though, every item is handmade and homemade, nothing mass produced. They are also made to be durable, in order to last for everyday usage. Therefore, the makers who we selected have to be skillful, and not cut corners while making it. Only quality materials were chose in Bloom Selection.

Interestingly, expansion isn’t part of his plans at the moment. “This is because we like to keep our merchandise exclusive for our customers only,” he says. “However, we welcome corporate orders and more customizations in the future.”

For those looking to tread the path of entrepreneurship, Gerald is all for it. “Do it when you are young and energetic. Don’t hesitate. Just go for it.”