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Follow Your Heart, and Ignore the Naysayers

Making sure that employees are able to work safely and healthily in their respective workplaces is critical for the running of our economy, and for good reason – if everyone fell sick, or regularly met mishaps at work, who would actually be working? As such, Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) coordinators, like Mr Amar once was, are a big reason why Singapore continues to be prosperous today.

When he turned 22, Mr Amar decided to go a step further and start up his own safety consultancy company, called AZDS Consultancy. In case you’re wondering, AZDS is his full name. They cover an array of safety management documentations, reviews, and recommendations, providing coordinators, safety supervisors, lifting supervisors, and other require personnel as stated in the WSH Act to companies that require them.

Currently, all of their consultants are in-house, and trained onsite to ensure that they have a good understanding of the job at hand. “We have 10 employees now, all usually at the job site taking care of the safety aspects,” he explains. “Our officers go down to the job site from Monday to Saturday, and sometimes even on Sundays and public holidays.”

Right now, each contract that they win lasts for a good amount of time. “If a main contractor hires us, the project usually lasts up to two years. For sub-contractors, maybe six to eight months. Currently we also held overseas projects as well as government projects too” Mr Amar says.

However, it was far from easy starting out, as bigger businesses were easily able to outbid him. Slowly but surely, he managed to win the trust of his clients, who then referred him to other clients as well. And he did this by being personally involved in every single project.

“Every project I take, small or big, I’ll talk to the clients and my guys, day in, day out. I’ll always be liaising with them 24/7,” he explains. “Other consultancies might have their managers or operations-focused guys to take care of it. But for me, I personally get involved.”

Because of this, the workload and stress on Mr Amar is immense. He has no off days and works 7 days a week. To compound that, he recently got married as well, and even when he is overseas, he is constantly working. Still, he adds that building businesses is his passion, and that’s what keeps him going every day.

“Eight years ago, I was actually a dishwasher working in a hotel. I worked 13 hours a day,” he recalls. “When I wanted to start my own business, everyone said I was too young, and that I couldn’t achieve anything because of that.”

As such, to young people who’d like to start their own businesses, his advice is to “follow your heart, and live your dream,” regardless of what others say.