Auto Bolt Services Pte Ltd


Address: 8 Kaki Bukit Ave 4
#03-55 Premier@Kaki Bukit
Singapore 415875

Contact: +65 6384 1066


“Tricked” into a profession, converted by passion


Some people find their calling by pursuing a passion relentlessly. Others do so by stumbling their way through multiple career switches. The story behind Mr. Alvin Ong and his car workshop, however, has no dramatic plot. No family business or a childhood spent assembling Tamiya cars.

Here’s how he bluntly puts it: Mr. Ong was “duped” into the industry. If not for what he calls a “lie,” Auto Bolt Services Pte Ltd would never have turned into a reality. Since a tender age, he was repeatedly told by his parents that the auto repair industry is where all the money lies. Slowly, he gained an interest and became equipped with fundamental car repair skills. After spending years in the workforce, he finally decided to take a stab at starting his own business.

The car workshop in the Kaki Bukit neighborhood had its humble beginnings in 2014, when Mr. Ong was faced with the disillusioning realisation that everything is not as peachy as he had anticipated. Competition was ruthless and garages came and went like seasons. Start a car workshop today, and your rivals will root for it to wind up by the next.

Only the strong survive in this field, and Auto Bolt owes its success to a staunch grasp on their core principle – to treat the client’s car like it is their own property. This service philosophy resonates across the company, yielding stellar reviews online that referred to them as “the most reliable people who will only recommend replacing parts when it is absolutely necessary.” In an economy where 9 out of 10 salespeople will talk you into a larger purchase, their credibility has won many customers over.

To keep the business going, family time became one of Mr. Ong’s greatest sacrifices. He spends most of his daylight hours in the workshop, sometimes for days at a go. Hardship is paid off with immense satisfaction whenever he fixes a problem that other garages have failed to diagnose. This tenacity became Auto Bolt’s main preposition –  they can do what other technicians can’t.

Automobile repair is as time-consuming as it is physically demanding, and the industry’s nature only compounds these challenges. For starters, a technician’s knowledge bank has to expand every time a new car model is released. Fluctuations in COE prices also introduce uncertainty in the market. In spite of these variables, Auto Bolt had carved a name for itself over a short period of 2 years.

With sheer hard work and genuine service, Mr. Ong has formed a concrete foundation for the business. Moving forward, it is Auto Bolt’s ambition to become a one-stop service centre for automobile-related projects.