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Hard work always pays off

You know that you’ve done something right if, following your departure from a company, your past customers continue to seek you out for your services. That’s precisely what happened with Mr Han, who was formerly working in a renovation company, which spurred him to start Artispace Interior Design together with his wife, Syikin.

“After I left, my past customers called me to ask where I was,” he recounts. “Because of their encouragement, and after consulting my parents, we decided to start our own company, about three years ago.”

Mr Han brought over a lot of learnings from his previous company, having started from the bottom and risen through the ranks to become a senior consultant. “I saw a lot of things that needed to be improve. I compiled my mistakes and others’ mistakes, for future use,” he says.

He also made sure to take note of his customers’ feedback. “Anyone can do renovation.

But providing good customer service is another thing,” Mr Han explains. “Whatever issues they have in their house, even after the sale is made, they will also come back to us.”

“We made sure to work hard. At the start, there was only me and my wife working both the operations and administrative ends of the business,” Mr Han says.

Trust was something that they had to work very hard for. “It’s not easy for a customer to hand over their trust. Hence from day one, I’ll make sure to create a group chat with the customer to show transparency, and will keep them updated on the process,” he elaborates. “We want to ensure they feel at ease.”

The results are telling. Many of their customers, Mr Han says, leave reviews on their Facebook page, despite not being told specifically to do so.

Now that they’ve reached their third year, things are starting to run a lot more smoothly, giving Mr Han and his wife a lot more flexibility in their work hours. “We still managed to have quality time with our family,” Mr Han says.

Mr Han’s advice to young entrepreneurs: don’t be afraid to make mistakes. When you enter a new company, you will learn a lot of things. Put yourself in a position where you can learn, and naturally opportunities will come to you,” he explains. “Most importantly, you need to have the heart and soul, the passion to do it.”