99 Connection Pte Ltd


Address: Blk 184 Toa Payoh Central
#01-350 Singapore 310184

Contact: +65 6358 2201


Dare to dream – Building a foothold from a small retail counter to a chain of retail shops

The signage of 99 Connection is a common sight for residents and workers in the Toa Payoh estate, where Mr David and Ms Michelle have established their strong foothold in the highly competitive mobile retail business.  Its humble beginning serves as a strong foundation to their success, and a key reminder to all aspiring entrepreneurs of the hard work required.

While 99 Connection started their first retail venture in 2004 by renting just a small counter at Pearl Centre, the initial start-up was actually done over in Vietnam back in 2000.  Mr David and Ms Michelle (then girlfriend) saw the huge potential of the mobile business in Vietnam, and through David’s network, became a distributor for mobile accessories.  After half a year of moderate success, they opened their own mobile retail store to compliment the mobile accessories business by also selling new and used mobile phones.

Success doesn’t come easy and straightforward.  While having an established business in Vietnam, the venture into the local market started from just a small retail counter in Pearl Centre.  Through years of hard work and prudent planning, the company has since expanded to a chain of retail shops with 5 outlets in Toa Payoh and 1 outlet in Ang Mo Kio, with a backend warehouse in Sin Ming.

Mr David and Ms Michelle contribute their success down to a team of dedicated employees who have been with them since the initial Vietnam start-up.  The success of the business come through long hours of work and dedication, and good customer service, to establish trust and credibility in the industry.  99 Connection differentiates itself by offering a one-stop mobile solution centre offering mobile phones (new and old), accessories and even repair service.  Future expansion will depend on demand and opportunity and the ever changing retail climate.  They also have to plan meticulously to minimise any impact to their business especially in the human resource front that faces high turnover rate and changing government policy on foreign labour.

One key satisfaction that Mr. David and Ms Michelle get is to see the growth of their long serving employees in person, and be successful together.  Mr. David and Ms Michelle believe in treating employees as their family members, and strive in helping them grow and pursue their own dreams such as owning their own properties and cars back in Vietnam.

“Dare to dream” is what Mr. David and Ms Michelle started off back in Vietnam – from a small retail counter in Pearl Centre to being an established brand name today.  It is the same philosophy that they advise aspiring entrepreneurs to have, but also with a good understanding of the business climate and planning, hard work and dedication, in order to achieve their respective success.