Hua Meng Spray Painting Workshop


Address: 1 Kaki Bukit Ave 6
Blk C #01-34/ 01-61
Singapore 417883

Contact: +65 6747 8064/ 6746 5519


Building Business Foundation with Good Service and Trust

Hua Meng Spray Painting Workshop was founded in 1979 by Mr. TAN Ah Hua’ father. Over the past 37 years it has taken root and successfully established itself as a trusted service provider for Accident Repair & Claims, Repair & Servicing as well as Spray Painting. Mr. TAN has taken over the reins of the business since 1980s and has expanded the business into a thriving one.

Despite being a small and nimble business, Mr. TAN has successfully established Hua Meng’s business foundation with good service and trust in the extremely competitive industry which is both labour-intensive and price-sensitive. While there are no significant key differences in the services in offer, Hua Meng prides itself in delivering quality work and distinguishes itself by placing customers’ satisfaction as their top priority. Hua Meng’s loyal customers has high level of trust in the workshop who in turn help the business grow through words of mouth.

On top of the Customer-driven philosophy adopted by Mr. TAN, he also strongly believes that a good foundation of the business stems from having loyal and skilled employees to support the business. Mr. TAN is an understanding and caring manager to his employees, this is evident from the workshop having long serving employees of more than 20 years. His employees have high respect for him, because they know that he has made many sacrifices over the years through time and effort to build the business. With a strong principle in delivering high quality work to the customers in earning trust and building customer referrals, Hua Meng still stands tall amidst the highly competitive industry.

Mr. TAN believes in doing his utmost best in achieving success in work and life, and leaves new and aspiring entrepreneurs with the following advice: “Do Your Best, Stay Optimistic, Persevere and be Determined!”