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Global Brown-Winged Horse Pte Ltd

Address: 18 Howard Road
#08-09 Novelty Biz Centre
Singapore (369585)

Contact: Ms Chen (+65 9889 2466/ 9667 9258)



Putting Interest and Knowledge to Helping Others

Taking a walk along Howard Road, one will notice an unusual establishment of a geomancy business nestled in the bubbling area where it is more common to sight coffeeshops and other small industrial businesses.

Beginning back in 2011, Geomancy Master CHEN YiYi, hailed from mainland China, has since established a strong network of clients who repeatedly seek her advice, as well as an extensive network of contacts in the industry among fellow practitioners.

Master CHEN’s own interest in geomancy led her to undergoing proper training to enhance her knowledge, and she started reading the fortunes of her friends.  Soon after, Master CHEN realised that she could put her interest and knowledge to great use by helping others in need, Global Brown-Winged Horse Pte Ltd was born.

While Master CHEN’s self-confidence and knowledge see her focusing on doing things right herself instead of worrying about competition, the general perception towards the industry was one key areas she had to confront and change.  Traditionally geomancy and fortune telling are seen as something superstitious, and Master CHEN had to explain and convince her clients that the art of geomancy is based on scientific principles.

Master CHEN enjoys her satisfaction through her interest in the job, and how she could assist her clients in their needs.  In order to enhance her services, she offers more than the standard fare of Chinese geomancy readings, and strives in an ever-going self-improvement.

While many businessmen made lots of sacrifice in their work, Master CHEN believes in striking a work-life balance, and making her interest a useful avenue in helping others.  Master CHEN’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to have proper research and planning in business knowledge and finance, and to make work an interest in order to be successful; apart from the usual hard work and dedication that go with many successes.