Singapore Trusted Enterprise 2015 – 2016

Annual Gala Dinner at Goodwood Park Hotel, 2nd December 2016


Singapore Branding Association would like to thank all our honorable recipients/ guests for your presence at our Annual Gala Dinner 2015 – 2016.

Your spontaneous participation in the performances and games had indeed made it a memorable night for all of us!

Our team would like to specially thank our guest of honor: Prof Fatimah Lateef (MP of Marine Parade GRC) for gracing our event, we are deeply honored for your presence.

We would also like to thank WIRA Association for attending our dinner and helping to make our donation drive a successful one.


Lastly, a big THANK YOU to all our main/ co-sponsors, event company P2M Concepts Pte Ltd, and emcee Richard Styles for making this a successful and fruitful night!


Main Sponsors:

– Hao Feng Air-Con Engineering Pte Ltd

– P2M Concepts Pte Ltd

– Pow Sing Pte Ltd

– Perfume Bar Enterprises

– Star Pacific Link (S) Pte Ltd

– Sweetest Thoughts

– Worldwide Computer Services Pte Ltd



– InlineAuto

– Tektronz Pte Ltd

– Yang Asia Enterprises

– Yen’s Hair Design


Sneak Preview Only! Stay Tuned For The Complete Set, Coming Soon!






Full Photo Album Taken During Our Gala Dinner Below!


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Congratulatory To All Our 2015 – 2016 Recipients Was Published On The Business Times on 19th August 2017!

Complimentary Newspaper Copy Was Delivered To Their Doorstep!

Newspaper Publication